C0ban project have launched Airdrop campaign!


The c0ban cryptocurrency (RYO), which you can trade on a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan only so far (pair, RYO/JPY), will start to expand worldwide!
*In Japan, 100 million trades volume was matched.

On November 30, c0ban will be listed on LATOKEN exchange and can be traded for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Celebrating this big step forward, we, c0ban project have launched Airdrop campaign!

c0ban is PoW currency based on bitcoin code but its consensus algorithm is an original one, “Lyra2vc0ban”.
If you want to get c0ban, there is no other way to do c0ban mining.

If you wish to take part in the c0ban Airdrop campaign, just follow the following 3 steps!

  1. Follow twitter & retweet campaign tweet (https://twitter.com/c0banProject )
  2. Join Telegram (https://t.me/c0ban_global)
  3. Please check pinned messages and fill in the form to register

When 3 steps are completed, 8 RYO will be sent to your c0ban address in a few days.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please feel free to contact us.
contact: c0ban project (https://c0ban.co/)
mail: c0ban8project@gmail.com



where is the form to register ?



Join the telegram and it’s in the pinning message in it!