Welcome to Counterwallet-c0ban!

Cunterwallet-c0ban is a fork of Counterparty (https://counterparty.io/). It is authorized Mr J Dog of Counterpart manger.


Counterwallet-c0ban created an address for you to get started. You can send and receive both c0ban and c0banparty tokens called XCB with it.

To start using the wallet, simply send some RYO or XCB to the address called burn (just single click on the address string itself to select it, then copy that text, which you can then give to others or use to send funds to).

The term of burn is until block height 62,139,300. Its term is not fixed. It may change if majority of community will want to change it.

One important thing to know before getting started is that when you perform an action on Counterwallet-c0ban (i.e. place an order, create a token, etc),
it doesn’t take effect immediately as it must first be confirmed on the c0ban blockchain.

Counterwallet-c0ban lets you know this by displaying your actions under the Pending Actions panel (the Clock icon on the top bar), and then moving them to the Notifications panel (the Checkbox icon) automatically once the network has successfully confirmed them.
You’ll also see the future expected value in parenthesis next to the current balance to better alert you that the change is pending.
Note that depending on the speed at which blocks are solved, it could take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes for your actions to be confirmed.

Counterwallet-c0ban is developed based on bitcoin counterwallet.
Some function on it might be regulated in your country or region.
Those who is going to release a service using counterwallet-c0ban should consider regulation and laws in countries where the services are operated.